The Akashic records are the Soul's Catalog, of past, present, future incarnations, ancestors, master, teachers, and loved one who have passed on. I am a channel to the field reading the energy with you, eyes open. Opening the akashic records opens the portal of healing and understanding life purpose, situations they are brought up in conversation. The field of akashic records have a Golden healing quality to them. being in the akashic record field itself is a healing experience. it is opening to your higher self and any messages they may come from loved ones near and departed. It can be compared to the Carl Jung's Collective unconscious, within the records are possibilities and a chance to dialogue any current life challenges. Each session is unique in terms of what the soul needs to hear.  I am honoured to offer these special readings.if you are curious please send me an email to set up a meeting time. I offer Akashic Records in Toronto, or over skype or facetime. Akashic Records can be done in Toronto at my office, the session can be recorded for review after. Speed dial your past, Present, and future with this unique in depth experience that will powerfully open up new choices in your life’s direction.


How long is a session?


Each session is  1.5 hours


How often does one get a reading done? 


This depends on you. I recommend no more than 1-2 readings per a year.

Do you Teach Akashic Records in Toronto? 

Yes I offer Akashic Records classes in Toronto. I will teach you, how to access them yourself and I also teach how to access them for others.


Yes this is a Akashic Records Certification Course, that I offer in Toronto.  I offer Akashic Records course in Toronto, with Level One that is an in depth experiential course on how to access your own. I then offer Akashic Records Level Two which I teach how to give Akashic Records to others. I also offer this course privately for international clients.





"Thank you so much for the Akashic reading yesterday. I am so filled with gratitude for you, it was such a gift. It has allowed me to start to release some fear that has been holding me back and I had no other hope then that going in. What's been most exciting today is that beyond the fear is a lightness and excitement. I have been really open today, it's like I see a different person in the mirror. I even put together my sacred space for meditation etc. which I have been putting off but suddenly compelled to do today. I am looking forward to what's still to come up from our reading! "- Michelle C.


"I've been lucky enough to share a really powerful experience with Tasha last week. While I feel resistant to share the details of my session I can say that the information revealed felt really true and vital to the work that I have been doing within my psychotherapy program. It has taken a number of sessions and 'experts' to connect me to things that Tasha could reveal in one session. It was a really heart opening experience that brought me to closer to my life purpose. I felt really safe knowing that the information that would shared with me was the information that my soul had given the permission to be said out loud. Tasha is kind, loving, caring and so wise. There is no way for her to have known this info without having been connected to this source. When she spoke back things to me that my soul really needed, my whole body was aware of it in a way that I cannot explain. I'm still reflecting on this experience and would highly recommend it to anyone that's open. I left feeling really safe and supported with a suggested book in hand lended to me by Tasha. I am deeply grateful for her gift and the information given"Lana Lontos- Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher


" I received an akashic record reading from Tasha and found her insight helpful in supporting my process. She was able to see some experiences I've had, that were in the field and held compassionate space as she named what she saw while opening up a space for dialogue. The session left me filling more connected to my self, aware of shadow and supported in knowing that it is all held in love. "Kat Gibson -



"I heard about Tasha and the Akashic records session she was offering through a friend of mine who had previously had a very positive and enlightening experience with Tasha. I have personally never done anything like this before and therefore had no idea what to expect. Tasha was extremely welcoming when we met, which instantly put me at ease. She has a beautiful space that she works from and a truly kind energy. The reading itself was such an amazing experience- Tasha was almost scarily accurate in what she saw in me. Not only did she know information about me that she had no way of knowing, she also said things which I really needed to hear and have incorporated into my life since our meeting. I still think of her often since the reading, the words she said and the things she saw in me. I have altered certain parts of my lifestyle because of it and am feeling happier, lighter and very inspired. I would recommend Tasha to anyone seeking a psychic experience. I found this far more pleasant, accurate and helpful than any tarot card or palm readings that I have tried in the past. Plus- she gives you tea!" -E.K.


"An incredibly intimate experience. When Tasha gazes serenely at you and you are well supported in a space of love, some pretty magical things happen. It felt like a dialogue was happening between the two of us, even when I wasn't speaking. Some exceptional things about my past and family history were unearthed, to which I found immense comfort. Also Tasha just tells it as it is, exactly how she sees it. She allows you to interpret and consider everything in your own way. It was absolutely a revealing conversation with her but more profoundly with myself." Jessica Salgueiro