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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests, I am currently waitlisted, online-only, and it may take some time before I contact you before you actually get an appointment. So if you need immediate help, seek out someone else; I can't have people skipping the line. Appointment time slots are being offered in the order they were received. So if you submit your info "contact # & email,  first & last name, intention/purpose for booking the session" to my email: INFO (AT) IHEARTYOGA.COM, I will take you seriously. My virtual assistant, Mary G., writes back. I'm only offering services to those who follow the directions. Please be patient for a reply; writing and asking about your original email will only slow down the process of getting you an appointment. All services are done ONLINE via ZOOM, with no exceptions. 

All prices are below, thank you.

Online Booking Services