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To sign up for a reiki course contact Tasha via email.

Next Reiki 1 is on Sunday ONLINE April 25th 2021 

Next, Reiki Level 1 Certification Course is April 25th , 2021 11am-7pm SOLD OUT AND WAITLISTED EMAIL TO JOIN THE WAITLIST 

email me at INFO (at) to register

THIS course is SOLD OUT AND WAITLISTED EMAIL TO JOIN THE WAITLIST  Reiki Level 1 training in Toronto 

this course will be taught ONLINE via zoom

Tasha teaches Reiki certification programs in Toronto and has been practicing  Reiki since 1995. 


Reiki Level 1 Certification in Toronto:​​

  • You will learn the history of Reiki

  • You will learn What is Reiki

  • You will learn how to apply Reiki to the healing the body,

  • You will learn the hand positions of Reiki for self reiki and for others

  • You can add Reiki for self-care  

  • You will Learn to offer healing treatments for others

  • You will learn the anatomy of the subtle body via the chakra system 

  • You will learn how to protect your energy fields and learn about cord-cutting

  • I'll personally give you a Reiki attunement to reiki healing. 


What I also offer is Case study examples, hands-on experience, videos, and drawing things to explain I'm a very visual/feeling-oriented person so I share in many ways depending on what kind of learning style you have. I.e. Visual/ auditory/ feeling / intellectual   

What to bring?

-Feel free to bring a notepad,

-any snacks if you'd like 

-comfortable clothing. 

-open mind and heart

-and rocks or any offerings for the altar table to create a sacred space


Tasha Rooke 

Reiki Master and Teacher

@Rooke108 on Instagram

Reiki Level 2 Training in Toronto


April 18, 2021 @ 10:30am-6pm ONLINE VIA ZOOM 

SOLD OUT AND WAITLISTED EMAIL TO JOIN THE WAITLIST for this Reiki Certification Course in Toronto Downtown. To register email Tasha INFO(at)

Tasha teaches Reiki certification programs in Toronto and has been practicing  Reiki since 1995. 


Reiki Level 2 Training:​​

  • You will learn the three major Reiki Symbols for emotional healing, increasing the reiki energy, and the distance symbol.

  • You will learn how to do Distance healing

  • You will learn to create professional boundaries as a Reiki Practitioner

  • You will learn how to Create Group healing

  • You will learn deeper energy techniques to protect and support your energy filed. 

  • You will learn a more in-depth look into the philosophy of Reiki and eastern traditions

  • AND I'll personally attune you to reiki healing Level 2 attunement a blessing to create an amplification to Reiki prosperity, protection, intention

Reiki Toronto, Reiki in Toronto, Akashic Records Toronto

I have been teaching Reiki Courses for Several years and I also offer Reiki mentorship to those who are willing to participant in assisting my public drop-in Reiki Restorative classes in exchange for yoga classes at kula yoga annex.


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