When Tasha Rooke was toddler she did not speak and her parents thought she was deaf, however she spoke for the first time in a full sentence. She was observing the world with deep sensitivity and listening. She grew up in an spiritual household. Tasha completed her first Reiki training at the age of  9. She always knew her life purpose was to illuminate light for healing others. She facilitates an energetic space in all her sessions,  which allow the full spectrum of the human experience to be heard and deeply held. She is a teacher trainer, an on-going student, and is authentic in what she has to offer the world. Tasha completed her Education at the University of Toronto, as a Eastern Religion Specialist, and Buddhist Psychology Mental Health Program. She has studied Hinduism and Buddhism extensively and western psychology. Tasha acts as a bridge to eastern wisdom traditions with a contemporary outlook for healing to be holistic.  Tasha has been teaching since 2006 and has taught, moved, and inspired thousands of people. Her students, have been touched by Tasha's heartfelt work, and many are inspired to be the change in their lives. Tasha is intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, gifted, experienced, and a skilled healer. Tasha has many tools under her belt making her a one stop shop to healing through depth. Please see the testimonials section for a more in detailed look at how people are moved. She has trained in the foothills of the Himalayas, India and has devoted her life to her passion.

Tasha asks all of her clients what is important to you in the fields, of Love, Health, Well-Being, Career, and Relationships.

Tasha offers:

-Reiki Certification Courses 

-Akashic (Soul) Readings


-NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming)

-Past Life Regressions



-Cranial Sacral Therapy

-Reiki Sessions

-Pre-natal support via Yoga as a tool for assisting labour  












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