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about me

My Mission


My lifelong calling has always been to be a healer and teacher. It is in my blood. My Ancestors were clergy members and nuns. I too grew up with great faith in a spiritual household where holistic healing was the norm. We practiced Past Life Regression, Crystals Chakra Healing, Tarot Readings, and Reiki. 


Early Years 


You might say I live and breathe holistic healing. 


At 6 years old, I began receiving vivid dream premonitions. By age 9, I had completed my Level 1 Reiki Training. At sleep-away camp, my sister would lead past life regression sessions with my cabin-mates. And I first began teaching yoga to my friends when I was in high school. 


As I grew older, I only became more dedicated to these studies. 


Education & Training


In my early 20's, I travelled to India. There, I met my Master Meditation Guru who guided me to study academically as a healer and teacher. 


I followed my Guru’s advice. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Honours in the Buddhist Psychology and Mental Health Program and specialized in Eastern Religion


As a lifelong learner and believer in self-improvement, I didn’t stop there. 


I have certificates in Hypnosis, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Master Life Coaching, Child Birth Education, Meditation, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression, Akashic (Soul) Records, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Angel Readings, Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga. I am also a certified Birth Doula. 


Teaching Others


With all my training, I wanted to make the biggest possible impact by not only practicing healing but by teaching others to heal. 


I have over 16 years of teaching experience. I have taught globally in London, Costa Rica, and Switzerland. I have certified over 180 people in Reiki and have taught over 10,000 hours of Yoga and Meditation.

Uniting Communities


It is my mission to unite communities around yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing. Because I truly value the power of the global community in raising the collective consciousness and healing our Earth via our communities. 


I brought together the Toronto Yoga community through events like Yoga Noir, Yoga Blanche, and Yoga Rogue. As a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador, I was successful in bringing Lululemon on to help birth these community events. 

Becoming a Mother:


I started teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga in 2009 at various Yoga studios across Toronto. I became a birth doula in 2019 to further deepen my practice of understanding pregnancy and the transition of becoming a mother. I became a mother myself in 2021. I love helping people during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. 

What I Offer


Whether you are looking for Reiki Treatments in Toronto, Past Life Regression in Toronto, or Akashic Records Reading in Toronto, I am here for you if the feeling feels right for you. If you have experienced loss, grief, stress, career transition, life altering transformation, or a health crisis — I am here for you. 


I offer Spiritual guidance via the Akashic (Soul) Records online. I also offer packages for hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reiki, life coaching, or healing Online. 


I am here to guide you in your healing journey. Whatever you’re experiencing, feel free to email me INFO (at ) or (647) 249-9909.


I offer Spiritual guidance via the Akashic (Soul) Records in Toronto or online. I also offer packages if you want to try hypnosis, life coaching, or healing in Toronto or Online. (647) 249-9909

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