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What is Past Life Regression?

A Past Life Regression, is a type of journey work that uses guided imagery, breathing techniques, and deep contemplation work. 

I am here to be your guide through this process and be a container of this work. What may be unveiled are messages from the unconscious much like dream material.  These hidden messages are in the underbelly of our minds, and they can come up as symbols, people, experiences, senses, and smells. You will be guided on a wonderful journey down the river of time to uncover secrets that your subconscious mind wants you to know to increase your happiness. This powerful trip into the past will allow you to listen to your inner mind as it leads you to self-awareness and understanding. You will experience your life three months before your conception, your experience inside the womb and the wonderous moment of your birth. Letting go of limiting decisions from the past and recognizing your inner beauty you will return from exploring three past lives with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to be the best you can be, ready to live life to the fullest. You’ll feel great as you leap into the future

You will uncover:

-three lifetimes


-inner child work

-guided imagery

-unlock hidden messages from the psyche ready to reveal 

-Forgiveness work


You will learn and experience

You'll need a journal and a pen. 

A Past Life Regression can be done in Toronto, in person at my office, or over skype for international. I would personally recommend in-person Past Life Regression if you are in Toronto. This session can be recorded for future discovery and clarity. I love offering Past Life Regressions in Toronto or over Whatsapp. I am looking forward to connecting with you. 

For scheduling and pricing please visit the online booking tab located on this website.

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