We consciously open the field together in a dialogue in a one on one setting over tea in a comfortable setting or on Whats App for International clients. The Akashic records are the Soul's Catalog, of past, present, future incarnations, ancestors, master, teachers, and loved one who have passed on. I am a channel to the field reading the energy with you, eyes open. Opening the akashic records opens the portal of healing and understanding life purpose, situations they are brought up in conversation. The field of akashic records have a Golden healing quality to them. being in the akashic record field itself is a healing experience. it is opening to your higher self and any messages they may come from loved ones near and departed. It can be compared to the Carl Jung's Collective unconscious, within the records are possibilities and a chance to dialogue any current life challenges. Each session is unique in terms of what the soul needs to hear. I am honoured to offer these special readings.if you are curious please send me an email to set up a meeting time

Akashic Record Reading 90 Mins