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Reiki certification courses lead by Tasha Rooke. Heal yourself. Become an empowered healer from the ground up. Learning Reiki (energy healing), reiki principles, reiki origins, how to practice on yourself and on others, reiki ethics, hand-positions, the reiki symbols, reiki attunements, chakra systems, and learning the anatomy of the subtle body.


To sign up for a reiki course contact Tasha via email.

info (at)


Next Reiki Level One Certifcation in Toronto is Sunday Jan 30th, 2022, (one spot left)

I have one Spot left for this Reiki Training in Toronto, Reiki Course in Toronto, online via ZOOM.


Tasha teaches Reiki certification programs in Toronto and has been practicing Reiki since 1995. 


Reiki Level One Course:​

  • You will learn about the

  • The History of reiki

  • What is reiki

  • How to apply Reiki to the healing the body,

  • Reiki hand positions for self- reiki,

  • Reiki for self-care,  

  • Reiki and offering healing treatments for others

  • Learn the anatomy of the subtle body 

  • Learn about energy fields and cords



I'll personally attune you to reiki healing. 


What I also offer is Case study examples, hands on experience, videos, and drawing things to explain I'm a very visual/feeling oriented person so I share through many ways depending on what kind of learning style you have. I.e. Visual/ auditory/ feeling / thinking  


What to bring?

  • Feel free to bring a notepad,
  • any snacks if you'd like 
  • comfortable clothing. 
  • open mind and heart
  • Any sacred symbols for yourself, rocks or any offerings for your altar table 

Reiki Level One Training ZOOM ONLINE (One Spot left) Sunday Jan 30th, 2022

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