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Tasha is a Reiki Master and practicing Reiki since 1995.

Tasha teaches offers Reiki in Toronto, and Reiki Courses in Toronto. 




Reiki is an energetic form of healing using the hands, as well via distance healing. Reiki stems from a Japanese lineage of teachers and masters. Reiki means universal life force energy, reiki is a way of channelling and connecting with source energy.

I have been practicing reiki for 27 years, and have worked in a variety of settings, helping people manage various challenges. 

Reiki is an energetic form of healing. I have been using her hands to help soothe and release people from tension. Reiki can be said to use pranic power or universal energy to permeate mental/physical blockages and access areas of the body that are in need of tenderness and love. This form of energy work exists to help people feel deeply connected and to restore faith in one's own ability to heal. 

A Reiki treatment is 60 mins to 90mins

Why is important to learn from a real-life experienced teacher? 

LINEAGE: As many eastern traditions follow the pupil and student lineage
(paramara) this is an ancient oral tradition and is imperative to maintain the integrity of the system, this isn't about information, it is a wisdom project that requires meditation and spiritual practice. This is the opposite of our capitalistic culture and is important to have respect, appreciation, and reverence for the eastern tradition.  We must honour and acknowledge the historical context, diversification, culture, and social aspects of Reiki's Origins. This is a more classical and historical vantage point of transmission of teachings through (shaktipat) or spiritual energy/awakening. Translation the depth of study that the teacher or guru (remover of darkness) has uncovered or revealed, through their (sadhana) spiritual practice, is translated in their being. i.e. The energy of the teacher. Ether is an invisible force that resides in all living things, and etheric knowledge or wisdom of consciousness provides light to another open conscious student. The teacher is only a mirror to shine back the light that is within the student, there is no division between the energy at its core. The power that one feels around a teacher is the same energy source that the student possesses. The real power of reiki is in the practice of reiki and allowing that practice to teach you to connect to its healing energy and alignment of the source. Reiki itself has no need for religion, dogma, or god it is an energy system or way to channel light. “Let Reiki Teach you”- Mrs. Takata

for more academic aspect of understanding Reiki I recommend reading this: 

Dr. Justin Stein research on Reiki:
“Usui Reiki Ryōhō 臼井霊気療法 (Usui Reiki Therapy) is a spiritual healing practice first
developed in 1920s Japan that has reached worldwide recognition—particularly since the 1990s—
under the abbreviated name Reiki. This practice includes several methods to improve physical,
mental, and spiritual well-being. The basic practice is a laying-on-of-hands, while advanced
practitioners use symbols (drawn with a finger or visualized) in a variety of methods, including
healing at a distance. These practices are passed from master to disciple in a pedagogical method
involving a “bestowal of spirit” (reiju 霊授) ceremony that many Reiki communities understand as an
initiation. Usui Reiki Ryōhō (also sometimes called Usui-shiki Reiki Ryōhō or Usui Shiki Ryōhō) is
attributed to its eponymous founder, Usui Mikao 臼井甕男 (1865-1926), said to have first attained
healing powers following a twentyone-day period of fasting and meditation on Mt. Kurama, outside
Kyoto. However, the majority of Reiki’s present forms result from Usui’s methods being further
systematized and adapted by his disciple Hayashi Chūjirō 林忠次郎 (1880-1940); Hayashi’s disciple,
the Hawaii-born Japanese American Hawayo Takata (1900-1980); as well as successive generations
of Reiki instructors, generally called shihan in Japanese and “Reiki Masters” in English. Although
practitioners emphasize that the practice is to be passed directly from master to disciple in what is
sometimes understood as a self-described “oral tradition,” enough texts have been published about
Reiki to make an annotated bibliography a worthwhile enterprise for scholars and others interested in
Reiki’s historical development, circulation, and diversification.” - Source:

How can this help me?

In this modern-day society, it is very important for us to honour and recognize BEING as an important complement to doing (action).  These forms of healing are there to hold space and offer still point techniques for people in stress and in need of downtime. Reiki is relaxing and healing. Many clients have shared that they have received deep clarity after the session or emotional release. 

 I am honoured to offer Reiki in Toronto. if you are curious please send me an email to set up a meeting time. I offer Akashic Records in Toronto, or over skype or facetime. Reiki can be done in Toronto at my office, or distantly, the reiki session. Reiki is a unique in-depth experience that will powerfully open up the body's energy for deep healing. 


​Why  Do I practice Reiki in Toronto?

Reiki is a way of being  for me now,  after practicing for 27 years, I have learnt:
• To protect my energy
• To harness energy
• To be conscious and responsible
with energy i.e. Boundaries, and
Space holding
• To recharge my own energy
• To be more connected to the
subtle body
• To strengthen my Auric Field
• To use Reiki when sometimes
touch is not appropriate
• To create energy in a room, from
a dull environment
• To call in support
• To heal myself
• To co-create healing with others
• To be the lighthouse

How long is a session?


For the first Reiki Session, I recommend 90 mins for the first time, because there is a waiver form, an oracle card, a brief introduction, and a smudging ceremony (or clearing energy with other essential oils if preferred). 


How often does one get Reiki done? 


This depends on you. I recommend no more than once a week to process. 

Do you Teach Reiki in Toronto? 


Yes, I offer Reiki Courses in Toronto, this is Reiki Training led in Toronto.  I offer Reiki Courses, in Toronto or international via WhatsApp.  I offer Reiki Certification Courses in Toronto. I offer Reiki level 1, 2, and Reiki Master Courses in Toronto.  I have one socially distance course Sunday, November 29th, 1-8:30 pm in the Annex, in Toronto Canada.

During this course, you will learn the history of reiki, hand positions for
others and self, and then receive an attunement, which takes 21 days to process. I recommend practicing  Reiki on yourself every day to help raise the vibration of reiki energy to flow more, and to help deepen the relationship between Reiki and yourself. Each Reiki Level has its own unique attunement process to help strengthen the energy connection to Reiki.

There are three levels in Usui Reiki
1. Reiki Level One- You will learn what
it is, how to give it to yourself, and
treatments for others
2. Reiki Level Two- You will learn
distance healings, and the Power of the Reiki


3. Reiki Master – You will learn how to
give Reiki attunements, and how to empower
others to teach reiki, and a deeper look into

reiki and energy.


Please email me to register to thank you. All courses are now online because of the Toronto Lockdown, and Covid Cases. 

Reiki Level 1 Course in Toronto:​​

  • You will learn the history of Reiki

  • You will learn what is Reiki

  • You will learn how to apply Reiki to healing the body,

  • You will learn the hand positions of Reiki for self reiki and for others

  • You can add Reiki for self-care  

  • You will Learn to offer healing treatments for others

  • You will learn the anatomy of the subtle body via the chakra system 

  • You will learn how to protect your energy fields and learn about cord-cutting



I'll personally attune you to reiki healing. 


What I also offer is Case study examples, experience, videos, and drawing things to explain I'm a very visual/feeling-oriented person so I share in many ways depending on what kind of learning style you have. I.e. Visual/ auditory/ feeling / intellectual   


What to bring?

-good internet connection

-Feel free to bring a notepad,

-any snacks if you'd like 

-comfortable clothing. 

-open mind and heart

-and rocks or any offerings for your altar table 




Tasha Rooke 

@Rooke108 on instagram

@tasharooke on twitter


Reiki Level One March 21st, 2021 at 11 am-7 pm ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Reiki Level 2 Training Toronto

04/28/2021 VIA ZOOM @ 1pm-8:30pm 

I have one spot remaining for this Reiki Certification Course in Toronto Downtown. To register email Tasha INFO(at)

Tasha teaches Reiki certification programs in Toronto and has been practicing Reiki since 1995. 


Reiki Level Two Course:​​

  • You will learn the three major Reiki Symbols for emotional healing, increasing the reiki energy, and the distance symbol.

  • You will learn how to do Distance healing

  • You will learn to create professional boundaries as a Reiki Practitioner

  • You will learn how to Create Group healing

  • You will learn deeper energy techniques to protect and support your energy filed. 

  • You will learn a more in-depth look into the philosophy of Reiki and eastern traditions

  • AND I'll personally attune you to reiki healing Level two attunement a blessing to create an amplification to Reiki prosperity, protection, intention

I have been teaching Reiki Courses for Several years and I also offer Reiki mentorship to those who are willing to participant in assisting my public drop-in Reiki Restorative classes in exchange for unlimited yoga classes.

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 Tasha Rooke is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Akashic Record Reader, Past Life Regression Therapist - Servicing Clients in: Toronto, GTA, North York, East York, Newmarket, Peterborough, Oakville, Barrie, Oshawa, Burlington, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, Scarborough, St. Catharines, Mississauga, Markham, Pickering, Brampton, Ajax, Whitby, Aurora, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Collingwood, Orangeville, Caledon, Milton, Guelph, Aurora

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