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In-person OR Virtual Akashic Records

Soul Reading

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 333.33 Canadian dollars
  • Wilfred Ave, Toronto, ON M2N, Canada

Service Description

Virtual/Online ONLY.This is a spiritual journey into the records of your soul. I will guide you, and I will also listen, as we open the soul library to hear/see/feel any messages from ancestors teachers, masters, loved ones, in your life path. I am a medium to these records, and I am honoured to share this with you as a healing experience and inquiry. An Akashic Records reading, is it for me? If you are open and willing to make changes in your life, then an Akashic Records reading is for you. Do not set up a session if you want to know exactly what the future holds for you. Your future is always changeable based on the laws of probabilities and the actions you take. However, if you are ready to move forward and make necessary changes in your life… then you will have an excellent experience with the Akashic Records reading. Does this reading have to be done in person? No, the reading works the same over the telephone as in person. The reason the readings can be done over the phone is that I’m not reading you, I’m reading the energy of your Records. What information do I have to provide during an Akashic Record reading? The answer is either: a lot, none or somewhere in between. You as the client set the focus of your session. Your session will be based on your intentions. So, you can choose to provide background information about yourself or give out none. Your session will be based on your intentions. You can decide to give nothing at all about yourself. If you only want to see whatever comes up, your session will represent the most important things you need to know. How do you access my records? I have received training and have been given a sacred prayer that allows me to open your Records with your permission. Will I need more than one reading? That is up to you, and how much you want and are willing to do for yourself, but each session will be complete in itself. I have found there is so much information given that it can be hard to process everything in one reading. Additional readings can be scheduled for more in-depth work. What kind of questions can I get answered? You can ask about choices you are facing, the direction of your life, relationships, career, health, finances, etc. What if I’m afraid of what the records will tell me? The Akashic Records exist in a realm of unconditional love, protected by Keepers and Guides. In that realm, our fears are transformed. Even being in the records without asking questions, is a healing and loving experience.

Contact Details

  • Wilfred Ave, Toronto, ON M2N, Canada


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