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What the community has to say about Tasha's Work:

"Before receiving Reiki from Tasha, I had tremendous fear and trepidation
not only about having an energy treatment but also what may come up in
my mind and body. Those fears greatly subsided after one Reiki treatment
in her sacred space. Through my Reiki one-on-one sessions and Reiki Level
1 training with Tasha, she has helped me remove layers of long-standing
fears, mistaken beliefs, and self-imposed limitations.
Tasha’s is a gifted and intuitive healer, and I look forward to continuing
to work with her."

--Nicole Gottselig

"Tasha's restorative is not only my favourite yoga class to be in,
but it is one of my favourite "places" to be in, in the world." -A.L.

Thank you for the level one reiki training Tasha. You were able to take information, that could have been very complex, and make it extremely accessible. You created a fun, warm, welcoming, and opening environment I rarely experience in classes. I look forward to coming back for level 2 training.  Sam G.
I recently did a restorative yoga workshop with Tasha.  The adjustments we learned were useful, and what I took away with me that day that I could immediately apply to my classes were Tasha's experiences and observations with energy work.  I employed these techniques and meditated on what she shared, and feel that the energy that I put out has since transformed.  This has changed my practice in working one-on-one with private yoga and helped me to preserve my own energy. -Janet H.
"I've been lucky enough to share a really powerful experience with Tasha last week. While I feel resistant to share the details of my session I can say that the information revealed felt really true and vital to the work that I have been doing within my psychotherapy program. It has taken a number of sessions and 'experts' to connect me to things that Tasha could reveal in one session. It was a really heart opening experience that brought me closer to my life purpose. I felt really safe knowing that the information that would share with me was the information that my soul had given the permission to be said out loud. Tasha is kind, loving, caring and so wise. There is no way for her to have known this info without having been connected to this source. When she spoke back things to me that my soul really needed, my whole body was aware of it in a way that I cannot explain. I'm still reflecting on this experience and would highly recommend it to anyone that's open. I left feeling really safe and supported with a suggested book in hand lended to me by Tasha. I am deeply grateful for her gift and the information given"Lana Lontos- Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher
" I received an akashic record reading from Tasha and found her insight helpful in supporting my process. She was able to see some experiences I've had, that was in the field and held compassionate space as she named what she saw while opening up a space for dialogue. The session left me filling more connected to my self, aware of shadow and supported in knowing that it is all held in love. "Kat Gibson -
"I have been going to Tasha's yoga classes since July 2014. Her classes have changed my life. She is truly a magical soul. She is so knowledgable, devoted and true in her work. She makes her students feel comfortable with her intuitive and nurturing adjustments. She is one of my favourite yoga teachers because her yoga teaching style is so authentic. When Tasha told me she was doing Reiki training certification (Energy healing work) I had to do it. Tasha is a very throughout Reiki teacher with in depth Yoga & Reiki training. I had such a special and extensive experience with Tasha. As well as being totally professional she is so friendly and caring. Tasha has guided me to grow and evolve as a spiritual being and for that I am so grateful. I highly recommend Tasha classes and professional services to anyone that desires to grow and evolve on a higher level of consciousness. "-
Valentine Giambattista, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practioner

I had an incredible experience with Tasha.  We did two private sessions.  I was expecting an energetic healing experience but what I came away with was an experience I could not have predicted.
Tasha practiced NLP and she led me through several exercises that produced deep understanding and an ability to see difficult situations through a new lens.  This has given me profound healing and sense of empowerment.
If you ever get the chance to work with Tasha take it!  She is approachable, very sensitive and can treat any situation with warmth, a sense of humor, and compassion."Lena Hamilton RYT 200, Reiki Master

"I really loved Reiki 1,2 and Reiki Master with Tasha Rooke.  She is loving and really thorough.  This course happened at the right time in my life allowing me to connect, grow and give more. I highly recommend Tasha Rooke if you are looking for an experienced Reiki master with a real bona fide, warm way of teaching style. Tasha is a phenomenal teacher."  Elly MacDonal Certified Yoga Teacher
Energy and energy work is something that I am extremely passionate about. It has opened my heart and my mind, my physical body, my emotional body, and my spiritual body. It has empowered my being. To have been able to experience this type of love and energetic way of being with Tasha Rooke is a blessing. This journey has been filled with so much love and self-discovery, and I am so grateful to have had Tasha’s love, openness, understanding, and support throughout it all. A wise and beautiful being, Tasha Rooke is an incredible energy to have around. I am glad to not only call her my teacher but as well as my friend.
Cachelle Legada-Buenafe 
Tasha’s Restorative yoga classes are a journey BEYOND. Beyond words, beyond the body, beyond…the beyond! Her grounded yet etherial verbal guidance, her hands-on adjustments combining powerful physical manipulation with subtle energetics, and just the emanations from her humble and also hilarious presence, transform every aspect of your being into sweet god-dough so you can bask and bake on the one Divine cookie sheet.
Healer Reiki Master Ashleigh Meta-
"I came to the Reiki Level 1 training with no knowledge of what Reiki was, or how it would begin to impact my life. The safe, warm and spiritual environment that Tasha created gave me a sense of comfort right away.
Tasha led the group through the history and philosophy of Reiki in an engaging way, and encouraged open discussion. Her warmth and care for her students and her love of Reiki was apparent the moment I walked into the room. I left the course spiritually awakened in ways I was not expecting and with all the necessary tools to begin self-practice and for sharing Reiki with others. I continue to practice Reiki, and look forward to more training with Tasha in the future. I would encourage anyone wishing to feel more connection to their own health and well being to let Tasha show them how applicable Reiki is in all our lives. "- Mark Atherton, Yoga Teacher, Opera Singer, Vocal Teacher
"Spiritual, social, kind, compassionate, knowledgable, inspirational are just a few words I would choose to describe Tasha and her devotion to yoga. I have never met a Yoga instructor who encompasses the yogi spirit and is also able to engage those who are beginners to the yoga practice. After one session with Tasha you will feel renewed, rejuvenated and invigorated. Her ability to relate to a wide variety of people is welcoming and very refreshing! Thank you Tasha for all your help in my yoga practice and our in depth talks about spirituality!"
Morris Senior, PT, CSCS, Auricular Medicine
I had an amazing time at the Reiki level 1 lead by Tasha. It was a safe and comfortable surrounding and Tasha did an awesome job of teaching us material that came from her own experiences as well as others. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in tapping in to other ways of healing, whether you want to learn it as personal tool or help others. -
Lindsay McFarlane, Yoga Teacher
"Tasha has an innate ability to read her students’ bodies and then to provide adjustments that allow the body to open, to explore a pose more deeply or simply to let go and relax.  She adjusts with confidence, intelligence and understanding.  Her hands-on approach to teaching is what draws me to her classes again and again. Of all the instructors I’ve practiced with, Tasha’s adjustments are among the very best."
Dianne DeVido Yoga Teacher and TDSB School Teacher
"It never ceases to amaze me all the wisdom and knowledge that this young soul possesses. The Toronto community is blessed to have a talented, sincere, and authentic Yoga Teacher like Tasha. Whether it's a Hot Hatha, Restorative, or Meditation class, Tasha creates a nurturing environment, inspiring and guiding us onto the journey within."
Vivian Wong Studio Director, Chopra Yoga Center Toronto
"When I recommend Tasha to anyone, I -half joking half telling the truth- usually describe her as "magical".
 She is an amazing yoga teacher, very likable and professional, but what keeps me coming back to her is that special touch she has. Her hands-on approach takes a class and transforms it into an experience.  She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly where to touch to help you achieve a pose or simply to relax sore muscles. Her soothing voice guides you through different stages of relaxation in a soft, inviting way. Her Restorative Yoga Class has become a quiet sanctuary of sorts to me... like a peaceful lake where I come to quench my thirst for stillness and mindfulness.  A place to rest from my daily rat race. I have tried other similar classes, and while the basic concept remains the same, I find that there's always something missing and I can only assume that it's Tasha's secret ingredient, what I call "magic".
Claudia Rosas, Graphic Artist

Tasha introduced me to restorative yoga a few years ago. I keep coming back to her classes because of her extensive knowledge about yoga and the body as well as her positive and calming energy. Can't say enough good things about how good I feel after her classes....I'm hooked !
JV, Scientist, Toronto
I met Tasha after attending one of her restorative yoga classes. I always enjoy when Tasha shares what she has been learning and studying. She inspires me to self reflect and I especially like setting an intention for each class as she suggests. Tasha is a warm, caring and intuitive person and her classes are a reflection of that.
Ara Wiseman Nutritionist & Healing -
" During the last year, I am attending Tasha’s classes twice a week, if my schedule permits. At Tasha’s classes, I enjoy postures that she chooses and their flow that help me to achieve complete relaxation and to improve my body posture. Tasha makes gentle adjustments and the touch of her warm hands has indeed a magical therapeutic effect that heals the pain in my shoulders. All of those make her classes unique and special to me. I always leave the studio with uplifted mood and tonus, stress and pain released. I passed trough a stressful period of my life and I cannot express my appreciation to Tasha whose classes were of tremendous help and my main approach for overcoming it. There's something about Tasha..." Miroslava Tsolova
After an almost 20 year break, tasha makes coming back to yoga a real joy. I lucked into attending her class and I've never wanted to leave since then.
-Jocelyne W. Toronto

 Tasha Rooke Reiki Toronto Reiki Master/Teacher/Akashic Records Reader/Past Life Regression Therapist Servicing Clients in: Toronto, Yorkville, Annex, Summerhill, Rosedale, GTA, North York, East York, Newmarket, Peterborough, Oakville, Barrie, Oshawa, Burlington, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, Scarborough, St. Catharines, Mississauga, Markham, Pickering, Brampton, Ajax, Whitby, Aurora, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Collingwood, Orangeville, Caledon, Milton, Guelph, Aurora

Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Tasha is so gifted in the work she does and each healing session I have had with her has been so insightful and profound! She has helped me so much with my communication, speaking my truth and tapping into my intuition. She truly has a gift and I can’t wait to continue to work with it her in the future :)

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