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Restorative Yoga:

Restorative is a gentle form of yoga that activates the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response). Simply put, restorative yoga helps the body and mind to surrender. In the 75 min class, one can expect to be fully supported by the asanas (postures). A delightful combination of bolster pillows, blocks, belts, and zafus are used class to help the body release. Tasha gives adjustments throughout the sequence to enhance the therapeutic benefits of each pose.

This practice is suitable for people with injuries, for those who experience anxiety or stress, and for people who simply desire ease and wellbeing in their lives. 


Flow Yoga:

This is a dynamically integrative yoga class that unites breath, movement, alignment, and attention into one focus. 

Result?: you flow. This class gives attention to detail and stimulates muscular energy around the bones, providing oxygen to the whole nervous system. Flow yoga offers a release from the weight of lethargy, and an expansion into a feeling of vibrancy. Be able to bounce back for the rest of your day, not with coffee but through intention. Sweat, Laugh, and have fun in this class packed into one energizing punch.



This class takes a gentle approach toward finding one's sense of self and wellbeing through introspection. Using the body as a tool for concentration, a clear quality of mind emerges, allowing one to perceive into ones Self. 


Pre-natal Yoga: (Buddha Bellies)

Unwind, breathe, move, and flow as you grow. Yoga means bringing the mind/body/breath together as one, so connect to that beautiful union with the baby that lives in you. Take a journey inwards and experience how your body and baby are transforming through the life giving process of pregnancy. This class is designed and tailored to pre-natal needs, drawing in the seed of awareness and cultivating it through asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and mudras (hand positions). Specific poses and sequencing are used to move safely and mindfully relieve body aches, pains, fatigue, and tired feet. Pre-Natal yoga will create ease, calmness, relaxation, and an overall rejuvination that prepares your body for birth. Celebrate this special time in this one hour class. The yoga class focuses on you and your new company. Meet other mom's to be in the area as well. 


Post natal:

Postnatal Yoga aids in regaining strength, stamina, and energy after pregnancy. Get rejuvenated, strengthen, realigned, and ease pain in the body held from breast feeding and carrying your baby.  The class focuses on rebuilding power in the belly, the back, and pelvic muscles. It helps to open up tight shoulders and back muscles by opening up the chest and releasing tension from the body. Mommies are welcome to bring their babies, and meet moms in the neighborhood for the next chapter of life!










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